Designed particularily for the smaller High Voltage type Rife devices, “E” Gas has become the “secret sauce” of the Nobel Gas mixtures prepared especially for the Rife Experimenter.

The resulting tubes are highly reactive and responsive to excitation from high voltage drivers and offer exceptional performance when used in many of today’s simpler Rife machines.

“E” Gas tubes can be prepared in a variety of custom or proven “stock” configurations. Contact Barry to discuss your special needs and prices.


Please note, “E” Gas is NOT applicable for high power Bare-Rife (RF) excitation as it runs entirely too “hot” in that environment. Mr. Allred has many proven tube designs and gas mixtures for Bare-Rife devices.

Rife Developers and Integrators using the new “E” Gas tubes in their product may use the logos below to link to this site for information.

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